About Us

Kamla Milk Jaivik Khad Limited is an Unlisted Public company incorporated on 13 October 2014. Our Company basically deal in the business of Dairy, poultry, farming, horticulture, agriculture and botanical by manufacture, growing, plantation, farming and sale of all kinds of related products in particular milk, ghee, cottage cheese, cheese, condensed milk, tined milk or ice-creams, eggs, fruits, flour, Agri crops, flowers and all kind of farm and agricultural products. To acquire, maintain or breed livestock like cows, buffaloes, goats, hen, and other animals and manage and recycle their waste or by-products for a production like bio-gas, Jaivik khad, biofertilizers, and cattle feed.

What We Do?

Understanding the importance of Organic Fertilizers, KAMLA MILK JAIVIK KHAD LIMITED has established itself the reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Organic Fertilizers, and Service Provider of Contract Farming Services. Accurate composition, long shelf-life, chemical stability are some of the many qualities owing to which, our Organic Fertilizers are acclaimed by the clients. Our Organic Fertilizers are designed to naturally enrich the growth of the plants. These Organic Fertilizers are processed using natural organic ingredients that ensure their naturalness and no side-effects. We ensure that the establishment of a smooth communication channel with the clients, so as to understand their needs that help in designing the Organic Fertilizers and Contract Farming Services.